Eagle Point Golf Club has new management

There are a lot of positive things happening at the Eagle Point Golf Club and Course. Since April 1, the operation has been under new management, Touchstone Golf Management Company has been at the reins and many changes have already taken place, with more to come.

General Manager, Partick Oropallo, a Rogue Valley native and veteran of the club for the past 8 years, says the goal is a more enjoyable experience for members and the golfing public. Patrick says that the objective of the operation is to create a more enjoyment, no matter what your level of skill. He says that many golfers come to the course to enjoy time with friends, to improve their game or to compete in the numerous tournaments that the Club holds during the course of a year.

The goals of Touchstone are to create a more professional and well run operation. They feel that will create the best experiences for the golfing public. Changes expected are a beverage cart, snack shack, there will be a starter on the first tee and the entire staff will be attentive to the needs of those whom they serve.

Physically, patrons will notice no change in the course. But there have been some changes that may not be quite so noticeable that will enhance the experience of the golfer. The rough, will not be quite the penalty it has been up to this time. Another set of tees was added to make five teeing areas on each hole. The new white tees can be considered more beginner’s tees, but can be used by anyone who just enjoys the thrill of occasionally putting for a par or birdie rather than a bogey or double. Those white tees were being placed during the sunny afternoon of April 9.

Patrick Oropallo reminded us that the course is public—anyone can play. He adds that it is a good place to bring children who can hit a bucket of practice balls for a small fee and can use the putting green for free. He says a number of high school and middle school students now come with parents or by themselves for the fun of hitting a few to see how they have improved.

Golf is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk and can be an inexpensive sport, depending on how much a person plays and their level of personnel involvement.

The restaurant is one of the finest in the Eagle Point area, and it too, will be seeing some changes. Hours are currently from 7 a.m. to 9 p. m. with the intent of opening for longer periods. A new chef will be arriving and bringing with him a menu that should please the palate of the most discriminating gourmand. The menu will change with the season and will feature more fresh foods and local seafood and fish.

Touchstone Golf Management and Patrick Oropallo are committed to making this beautiful facility into an experience that local and traveling guests will relish for a long time to come. They are doing this by paying strict attention to detail and judging by the smiling faces on the course, are succeeding.


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