Eagle Point looks at contracts to fix streets

According to City Attorney Joe Kellerman, “The rest of the world is in chaos, but things are good in Eagle Point.” And the April 9th City Council meeting was proof positive of his statement.

Public Works Director Rob Miller reported a low bid for crack sealing on some streets this summer, pleased the city can repair more linear footage than initially planned. With crack sealing the asphalt cracks are cleaned out, then filled and sealed to prevent water from entering the road’s base and doing further damage. Sealing also extends the life of pavement. Pacific Asphalt out of Bend won the bid to seal approximately 40-50,000 linear feet. No local companies deal with such large jobs.

The Council reviewed the promotional brochure mock-up presented by Economic Development. While they basically liked it, they felt it needed polishing before going to press.

Councilor Bill Fierke said the pen pal program still awaits final approval from the “powers that be” in Japan. He hopes to see letters between students in Eagle Point and Showa, Japan traversing the globe in the near future.

Although few showed up for Sunday’s workday by the creek, Councilor Kathy Sell said the group accomplished much. She urged folks to put Saturday May 4 on their calendars, another scheduled workday. She also requested an OK to seek assistance from Walmart’s charitable foundation. The money would help pay for the splendid hanging flower baskets that grace the city throughout the summer. The Council gave her the go-ahead, noting that citizen donations have been lagging this year.

At a recent Rogue Valley Council of Governments meeting attended by Mayor Bob Russell, the National Guard made known that they own huge dirt moving equipment and love to use it. They have done prep work for parks and roads for non-profit organizations and municipal entities, and they currently need projects. Russell suggested the city keep that in mind.

Other reports covered agendas and projects in process, but with no final outcome at this time.

The meeting on April 23 promises a broader agenda with many items ready for decision.

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent


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