Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Week

By Ed Mayer,

Shady Cove Emergency Manager

With the grass beginning to grow and the bulbs blooming, most people are now beginning their spring yard work. Now is also the time to think about taking some steps around your home to prepare for wildfire season. Shady Cove recently completed a natural hazards risk assessment. It revealed that wild land fire is the most likely emergency to threaten our community and the Upper Rogue area. While you are doing your spring yard clean-up, there are some simple steps you can take to make your property less prone to fires and look better at the same time. Remove all old leaves and pine needles from your roof and rain gutters. Clean up all left over fall leaves from your flower beds around your home and trim low hanging branches from your trees and large shrubs. As the season allows you to stop using your fire place or wood stove, be sure to store all the wood in a location safely away from your house. Simple steps you take now can make your home more “defensible” against fires. It won’t be long before fire season is upon us.


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