Local band going on national tour

When Brad Richardson began leading worship for a youth group at Trail Christian Fellowship, he didn’t imagine that he would be leading a band on a national tour.

Several years ago, Richardson began playing guitar. He was joined by his daughter Emma, and sons Christopher ( ChrisB), Joshua (Kozmo) and Stephen. Stephen plays the drums, the others play guitar and Emma plays keyboard in addition to the guitar.

The band struggled at first, until they attended “Music in the Rockies” at Estes Park, Colorado. Brad describes the event as a “place to learn, a place to be discovered.” It is a training facility for gospel music groups, and was a turning point for the group now knows as Kidron, their group named for the Kidron Valley in Israel, the valley on the eastern side of The Old City of Jerusalem, separating the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives.

What is unique about Kidron is that they write and perform original music and that comes from life’s experiences. Brad Richardson says that both he and Emma write songs, but there are songs that come out of jam sessions when the group is practicing. Emma sometimes gets inspiration from a word or phrase and then builds a song around just that small item.

They currently play in churches, coffee shops and they perform regularly at Trail Christian Fellowship for the Celebrate Recovery at least once per month. They also play at music festivals and can often play at TCF and their next engagement there will be May 4.

The national tour, which is still open ended, came about by Richardson booking appearances across California, Arizona and a couple of places in New Mexico. From there, the road trip may head in one of two different directions. Of course, it all depends on the bookings they can muster before heading out o study while not on the road.

All this is possible for the Richardson’s because the children are home schooled. While on the road, they will take their lessons and find time to study between concerts.

Richardson says that “music is a powerful medium. It has the power to change lives.” And that is essentially what their message is, “hope.”

The Richardson’s have a web site: www.kidronband.com. On the site you’ll find four of their songs and the intent is to include more as time passes. They rank #3 on ReverbNation in Christian Rock bands in the Southern Oregon area.

What they find is that through their music, they have touched lives and helped people work through problem times. The music comes from their hearts and from their experiences. And that is the goal of the band, to help people realize that there are folks that have gone through the same trials and that help is available.


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