Local youth sets hi goals high, and then he meets them

Finding a student with a perfect 4.0 GPA is one thing, finding one who is also the state champion heavyweight wrestler and third in the nation in the schoolboy/girl division is another. Then add to that, one who is the world record holder in the deadlift (for his age bracket) who also holds the state record for the bench press, you have quite a package. But then Shun Talmadge is no ordinary seventh grader. This young man loves math and band and has his sights set on becoming a surgeon. Yet, he is just 13-years old.

Coach Evan Pogue is understandably enthusiastic about the prospect of this young man entering the wrestling program at Eagle Point High School. That program has had some notable heavyweight competitors over the years, and the prospects for Talmadge seem pretty bright. He is strong and according to Pogue, very agile. The combination of strength and agility make him a real force in the ring.

In the recent state championships, Talmadge bested three other opponents to win the title. Then he moved on to the nationals held in Idaho. There he placed third in the 220-265-lb division. Not bad for a youngster who has been at it for just 6 years. His wrestling success has earned him a spot at Western Regional’s scheduled for June 15-22 in Pocatello, Id. And by virtue of just competing in that venue, he earns a spot at the Nationals in Orem, Utah June 24-26.

Along the way, Talmadge has also distinguished himself as one of the best in the world of weight lifting. His deadlift record is 375-lbs, a mark he is sure to surpass with practice and additional strength training. His state record in the bench press is 225-lb., but he has his sights set on the world record which, at 245-lb. is just a notch above his state mark. Talmadge admits that he has been doing 275-lb. in practice and on occasion, he can nearly manage 300-lb. The world championships are in Reno in November of this year.

Talmadge is also a football player. He plays the nose guard on the defensive line and guard or tackle on the offensive line. This is another place for him to display his quickness and agility and those are qualities any running back hopes to find between him and a tackler.




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