Lumber company recycles old wood

Something of an oddity in today’s market driven lumber industry, Oregon West Lumber Sales is a true specialty shop. The mill is Located about two miles north of Eagle Point along Highway 62. Because it’s small, folks traveling along this stretch of highway often overlook it.

Oregon West, locally known as OWLS, is a specialty shop. In an age where companies have abandoned custom orders for the sake of producing products in volume to appeal to a cost conscious public, this company panders to the artistic whims of woodworkers creating custom projects for themselves or for others. They are the picture of a New England water-powered mill—except without the stream and the picturesque landscape, daily churning out products made to customer orders.

Larry Ellis manages this tiny mill that will cut just about any species that a customer needs to finish a project. The log yard—if you want to call it that—has many different species waiting for the head rig. Douglas fir, Sugar Pine, Incense Cedar, Ponderosa and some species of Hardwoods come to the mill for conversion into lumber. These become the materials customers use for specific projects.

Oregon West has a small crew, as might be imagined, but that does not mean they can’t do some large work. Some customers want extra long pieces, and the answer was to cut a home in the side of the building and drag the work through the other side. But most work doesn’t need to be that long, fortunately for the crew, because that creates extra work for the small crew. The company will mill logs from a customer’s own property or they will buy logs and in t-either case, cut the log to order.

Products that might come out of the mill on a given day will range from table tops to ship lap siding, paneling, flooring and ceiling woods. Many different mold patterns are available. They will cut 1×12’ barn siding for replacing abused and broken siding to replace original planks. Some pieces are for another specialty craft, furniture makers and for those who repair older pieces from certain time periods.

Ron Hailicka of Butte Falls owns the company. Ellis and Hailicka met while doing restoration work on the U. S. S. Constitution, Old Ironsides, to some. Hailicka started the mill because a reliable source of materials for restoration projects was not then available in southern Oregon. Ellis joined the team 13 years ago and has been making lumber since. Ellis is a veteran of the lumber industry, having worked in Eugene for many years before coming to the Rogue Valley.

One of the areas the company shines is in making materials for Timber-Framed homes. For those projects, they produce lumber of all dimensions. In addition to the decorative materials, they also do some of the more mundane projects, like producing planks for truck decking and flooring.

This one-of-a-kind shop in southern Oregon is truly a specialty shop that can fill any order for their customers. They even re-saw used lumber to make something beautiful from what might be considered discards by many. Larry Ellis is imaginative and can make anything to fill a customer’s order. The mill is located at 13770 Hwy 62 in north of Eagle Point. You can reach the mill for information at 541 826-5540.


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