Pinkerton pitches perfect game for Prospect/Butte Falls team

Prospect/Butte Falls softball team shut out Illinois Valley by a final score of 26-0 in a 5 inning non-league game at Prospect. Junior pitcher Alee Pinkerton pitched a perfect game and struck out six. Prospect had a total of 25 hits. Pinkerton went 4 for 4 with four singles. Shawna Creech, Heather Lass and Joli Hobbs were all 4 for 5 at bat.

April 3 at Riddle: Prospect/Butte Falls softball committed 12 errors and was held to only 3 hits in the non-league loss to Riddle. The final was 10 – 12. Prospect led most of the game but then fell apart.

Riddle had several hits, including two home runs. Prospect struggled getting on base and then fell apart in the field as well….just one of those nights!!

By Shelli Lass

For the Independent


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