SC Council presents Small Business Award

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.” David Seltzer

In a week where tragedy filled the headlines, the City of Shady Cove paused to honor some inspirational folks of all ages who indeed shine in troubled times.

The city’s first small business award was presented to Fred Thomas, owner of Shady Cove Market. The award is given to businesses that are successful, that bring in tourists, but also to those which give to the community and set an example; who set the bar for what a small town business can be. Councilor Gary Hughes spoke of first meeting Thomas 14 years ago while gathering items for the Food Bank. Hughes noted Thomas gave generously then, and gives generously still. He’s also donated food to various city events over the years. Thomas gives his time too, having been on the School Board for 7 years. Thomas is also setting an example for energy efficient building practices by upgrading the lighting and heating in the Market.

Next up were the Student of the Month awards, proving that if Thomas ever retires there will be some truly inspirational members in the next generation to fill his big shoes. The grade school recipient was Isabella Sturos. As a first grader she is asking for and completing second grade math work and reading grades three and four books! She has as “Strong sense of right and wrong” and an endearingly sassy attitude to go with it. Sturos comes from a family with strong academic values, evidenced by the presence of her college enrolled siblings.

The Middle School recipient, Ethan Estrada is a dedicated athlete but was unable to attend the meeting due to a track meet. Estrada’s teachers submitted written comments noting that he is gifted with great maturity, is wonderful with other students, engaged, empathetic, and athletic and an all around good example. Estrada is known as the “come-back kid” having struggled some, but now has a 4.0 GPA.

So, if you’re one looking for a little light in the darkness of recent events, look no further than the shining examples in your own small town.

By Christy Pitto

For The Independent



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