SC resident saves neighbor

Thanks to the quick actions of two neighbors, an elderly lady in Shady Cove was rescued from a building engulfed in flames.

A 911 call alerted local emergency response personnel while two of the lady’s neighbors rushed to the scene. By that time, flames were reportedly shooting from the roof and smoke billowing from the mobile home on Sarma Drive. Not seeing the resident, one entered the house and found the lady lying on the floor in the hallway, evidently overcome by the smoke within the house. He pulled the lady from the burning building, and the two moved her out of harm’s way. They then found a garden hose, hooked it up and began spraying the bedroom, where the flames were coming from. Shortly thereafter, Fire District #4 arrived and began dousing the flames, assisted by a unit from Fire District #3.

According to Bob Miller, Chief FD#4, the quick action of the neighbors saved the life of the elderly lady, who was already suffering from a respiratory illness. Mercy Flights evacuated her to Medford where she is recuperating. The fire remained confined to the bedroom area of the house although there was considerable smoke damage throughout, according to Miller.

Chief Miller said it was heartwarming that neighbors would risk their own safety to rescue an elderly lady. “That’s what small towns are all about,” he said.

Interestingly enough, with the mutual aid pact shared by neighboring fire departments, while FD#3 was helping out, another call came from the FD#3 area, and FD#4 had to send a unit to aid with an electrical fire.

The condition of the lady is not known at this time.



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