Vintage Faire set for May 11 at Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point

The sixth annual Vintage Faire will be held at the Butte Creek Mill on May 11. This is a chance to travel back in time to when life was easier and the pace much slower. Host for the event is the Butte Creek Mill and the Eagle Point Upper Rogue Chamber.

Entertainment, crafts, skills and a Saturday Market are all part of the day’s activities. The Western re-enactment will be by the Jefferson Vigilance Committee. In full western dress, they will have simulated shoot-outs in front of a real look-alike western town and a make believe OK Corral.

There will be food, lots of food and a unique cooking style demonstrated by Ron Clanton and his Dutch Oven Cookers. They will be assisted by the Boy Scouts who will receive lessons and then cook authentic western meals over the mesquite fire (briquettes). Then with the trail dust still in the throats of event-goers, they can mosey over to one of the wineries represented and wash it down. Agate Ridge, La Brasseur and Cliff Creek will be represented and will assist the public in sampling vintage wines.

There will be a variety of crafts represented by wood carvers, blacksmiths, sculptors and rug makers. Former County Commissioner C. W. Smith will demonstrate his sculpting and will have many of his works on hand to sell to the public. The wood carver’s society will have between 4 and 8 members who will demonstrate their craft and they will presumably have items for sale too.

To make the day complete, Anna Goldman, of the famous Goldman family, will be there to serenade folks. And no event is possible without those fuzzy critters that provide so much wool for those wonderful socks and sweaters. Yes, the Alpacas will be there and they will allow folks to pet them and take pictures.

And, the Eagle Point Museum will be open for tours to complete the tour down Memory Lane. For those that haven’t visited the museum for some time, it might be worth a stop to see what new displays have been added.

Because parking in the area is limited, the high school parking area will be available and folks parking there will be able to ride the trolley to and from the event.

The best part has been saved for last. The entire event is free of charge. Vintage Faire is sponsored by the Butte Creek Mill, by the EP Upper Rogue Chamber and by the Grange Co-op. For further information, contact Bob Russell (541) 880-2147 or visit the web sites at: or


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