A bittersweet parting for Hillside Elementary Principal

“I have been blessed in my career to open a brand new school and now to become principal at the school I attended as a kid,” according to Hillside Elementary principal Lynn Scott, feeling the latter draws her full circle. “Being a member of this community and an employee of D9 has made me who I am.” She taught at White City Elementary for nine years, and served as D9 curriculum director for three years. After four years in McMinnville, Lynn spent the last ten years as principal at Little Butte Elementary, then Hillside. All that adds up to 22 of her 26 professional years spent in Eagle Point.

People often come to a point in their careers where they feel change would be good, and Lynn is at that point. When she cleans out her office this summer and heads to Mae Richardson in Central Point, she’ll take what she’s learned over the past ten years, knowing such experience and knowledge will make her a better leader. “I believe in public education,” and that belief and enthusiasm show when she talks about her profession.

Principals often perform strange acts during fundraising events, and Lynn is no exception. “I think it’s important to play,” and her students have seen her whimsical side when she’s kissed pigs, and dressed as both a diva and a queen. One year she stood atop Little Butte Elementary and tossed candy and silly string. And she wiped pie filling from her face on still another fundraising occasion.

Although little children can hardly imagine such a thing, principals have other lives. When asked about her hobbies, however, Lynn’s first response was, “School.” But after brief reflection, she added hiking, reading, and entertaining to the list. “Oh, and I’m a Trekkie.” (Think “Star Trek.”) She also enjoys getting in her car, opening the sunroof and heading down the open highway with no destination in mind. “Eventually I get back home.”

Superintendent Cynda Rickert talks of the season of change when Lynn led her students from Little Butte to brand new Hillside Elementary at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. “Lynn has been a beloved Eagle Point educator for ten years. Seeing her lead the way on the Hillside school project is a great climax to her career here. We wish her all the best as she goes full circle to Mae Richardson, the elementary school she attended.”

Lynn Scott is an energetic, persevering woman. And she’s a survivor, having beaten the odds of breast cancer ten years ago. White City Elementary and D9 staff showed up with food and support during that harrowing time, providing one more reason Hillside’s principal shed more than a few tears as she leaves the district. Such caring and compassion add depth to her answer when asked what she will miss the most: “Staff, kids, parents. I am very blessed and very grateful.”

On the upside, she looks forward to building relationships with a new group of staff, kids and parents in Central Point.

Jeanne Britt, her executive assistant, summed up what Lynn Scott’s colleagues, students, staff and anyone who knows her would say. “I’m gonna miss her.” She paused, reflecting on the ten years they’ve worked together, then added, “I don’t even want to go there.”

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent






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