Jr. Eagles softball doing it right

You could make a pretty good argument for the Junior Eagles 12U softball team having a great season. At 21-0, you could make the case in just about any way you wanted. Those numbers are a great argument that this team is something special.

Coach Dave Stephens is pretty excited about this team, as much as he has been during his 36-year coaching career. Stephens is pragmatic about the team’s success. “They play well together as a team” he says. That might just be the understatement of the year.

His team has been demolishing opposing teams from Klamath Falls to Grants Pass during the course of 2013 in this twelve and under league. While we haven’t seen any games, the stats Stephens sent show some outstanding offensive ability. At the plate, his team has managed to reach safely in 449 of 657 trips to the plate. While not reflecting accurately based on standard scoring practices, the team has nevertheless done remarkably well. Team batting average is an astounding .438, collecting more than 200 hits and 175 walks. The team has outscored opponents an average of 14.14 to 2.95 runs per game.

Lead-off hitter Emily has reached base 60 times in 74 trips to the plate and has amassed a batting average of .607 and scored 37 runs in that time. As you go down the list, batting averages are just amazing. Normally a team may have a few strong hitters, but this team is, top to bottom, nothing short of phenomenal.

Stephens says they are about at the half-way point in their season. Post season amounts to a state tournament in Milwaukie and a national tournament in Medford. The tournaments are set up a little differently than others in that entry is basically paying your fees and you get to play. The Nationals are the same, but Stephens didn’t say a team eliminated from the state championship was barred from then re-entering the nationals as long as they paid the fee.

From the looks of the prospects at this young age, one might be led to believe that there is a bright future for Eagle Point sports.


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