Special election results

The hotly contested D9 school board election has thankfully come to a close with the election of incumbent Scott Grissom and challengers Dan Hodges and Dianne Mihocko. Grissom garnered 47 percent of the votes cast for position #2 against opponents Ralph Meeker (42 %) and Ron Campbell (10.8 %).

For position #3, Dan Hodges (57.8 %) beat incumbent Mark Bateman (42.1 %) and Dianne Mihocko (53.2 %) bested Brian Saling (40.8%) and Curt Sather (5.9%).

In other election news, Butte Falls elected Dan Murphy, Shone Ellis and Mark Hewitt. Murphy gathered 104 votes for 93.7 percent of the vote. Shone Ellis appealed to 94 voters for 90.38 percent and Mark Hewitt collected 100 votes for a 96.15 percentage of votes cast.

Prospect Charter School elected four board members. Ben Brieholz received 167 votes which was 97.6 percent of votes cast. Dale Bliss was elected to position #3 with 148 votes, a winning 72 percent winning vote. Rocky Van Wormer received 101 votes for position #4 and Gunner Gibson will serve in position #5 by virtue of his receiving 142 votes, 92.21 percent of votes cast.

Fire District #3 Board of Directors elections ended with Cynthia Hauser gathering 3655 votes for position #2 and Colin Fagan collecting 2764 votes for position #4.

Fire District #4 elected Rick Wythe in position #2 with 587 votes and Linda Hughes with 574 votes.

Prospect Rural Fire Department will be served by Robert Scott, Carl James and Dick Mast who received 116, 132 and 131 respectively.


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