Comm. Breidenthal moving to cut fire costs, improve service

Jackson County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal recently organized a meeting between officials from the City of Medford and Jackson County Fire District 3 to discuss options for shared management services.

“Based on my experience with Fire Districts in Coos and Klamath Counties, and given my role as a new County Commissioner, I saw an opportunity to bring parties together to discuss how to improve service and lower costs for the residents of Jackson County and potentially provide a model to emulate across the entire State of Oregon.” Doug Breidenthal, Jackson County Commissioner

CEOs, City Council members, and District Board members met with Breidenthal recently and found enough interest in the discussion to arrange a more formal meeting. Jack Snook of Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCi) will facilitate this ground floor meeting. Mr. Snook has over 44 years of private and public sector experience and currently serves as the President of ESCi. Mr. Snook specializes in cooperative services and strategic planning and has served as the project manager for over 200 projects throughout North America. Reasons for pursuing cooperative service agreements are normally to provide a higher level or reduced cost of service. Mr. Snook is volunteering his service for this “exploratory” meeting.

Mr. Snook will guide the parties in uncovering the opportunities that are present today along with the possibilities for tomorrow. The discussion will attempt to identify the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of these opportunities for both agencies.

The next step for City and District officials will be determined by each agency engaging in discussions with their organizations centered on the results of the joint meeting.

The City and Fire District have worked well together for many years. Mutual aid agreements have been approved which allow sending needed resources into each agencies area when necessary; joint training occurs on a regular basis; and the City and Fire District recently cooperated to administer a joint hiring process for the position of Firefighter.

Medford Fire-Rescue staffs five career engine companies and a Battalion Chief each day serving the residents of the City of Medford and Medford Rural Fire Protection District #2.

Fire District 3 staffs four career engine companies and a Battalion Chief each day along with four volunteer stations with resident and volunteer firefighters. The District serves the communities of Central Point, White City, Eagle Point, Agate Lake, Dodge Bridge, Sams Valley, and Gold Hill.



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