Deupree’s named as grand marshals in Eagle Point

Stan and Terry  Deupree

Stan and Terry

Perhaps one of the moments most cherished moments by selected residents of Eagle Point is to be chosen as Grand Marshals of the July 4 parade. This year the honor belongs to Stan and Terry Deupree. They were chosen for their untiring work for the community and the many causes they champion for a variety of different organizations.

The Eagle Point Community Association makes the selection, normally in early June preceding the July 4 holiday. Former Mayor Leon Sherman was tasked to break the news and he confided in the Independent that he chose to be really sneaky in the process. Leon went to Stan’s office and asked Stan to help him find a method of breaking the news to the honoree without giving the person the chance to back out of the deal. Stan told Leon to just tell them they were it, so Leon broke the news that the Deuprees were Grand Marshalls. Leon confided that it was the first time in years that Stan was speechless.

In making the selection, the Association considered many people who have made large contributions to the community. They settled on the Deuprees because of all they do in a large number of areas. Most know that Stan and Leon share the microphone during the annual July 4 parade, generally trying to outdo each other and also doing their best to embarrass everyone, including each other. Stan is also auctioneer for the Junior Livestock auctions in Jackson County, there sharing the mike with Ron Anderson. He has done this for many years and it is one of those events where he donates his time and talent.

But the Jackson County Fair is not the only benefit auction he does during the course of the year. He will be behind the mike for as many as 30 benefit auctions, ranging from the many organizations that depend on the public for their primary funding to specific auctions like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. You’ll find Terry close by during the auctions, keeping tabs on bidders and bid prices.

Terry is active in a number of areas outside the auction ring, splitting her time volunteering as a beef leader for Brownsboro 4-H Beef club. She is also involved in Hope Equestrian Center, a facility designed around placing youth and adults with horses as a means of therapy.

Neither can understand why the community would choose them, but at the same time feel greatly honored by the selection


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