EP Council discusses bus service

Discussion about public transit consumed a good share of the June 11 Eagle Point City Council meeting. Julie Brown, General Manager of Rogue Valley Transit District, addressed the group and answered questions. She discussed the felt need for service in the city, pointing out that some people who live here can no longer afford gas for trips to Medford or for commuting. A recent study presented options and projected costs. It is now up to the city to determine what direction it will take, and the citizens to say if this is what they want. Initially, a route might include a bus on the hour, but split with RCC in White City, thus cutting the cost in half. The biggest question is whether Eagle Point citizens want a bus enough to support service.

Mayor Russell suggested the stakeholders who initially provided the input on the topic go forward with it now. Janet Siedlecki, representing Economic Development Commission, was present and agreed on behalf of the group to seek community opinion, beginning with a short survey.

The councilors passed resolutions regarding transition into the new fiscal year, regulatory measures required annually but that don’t implement or change policy.

After the Budget Committee approved the budget, and a summary was published in a newspaper of general circulation, a public hearing was held during the meeting. No one spoke. Next, the 2013/2014 budget will be presented at the June 25 meeting for adoption.

Mayor Russell represented Eagle Point in Portland’s Rose Festival parade, waving and letting folks know that all is well in Southern Oregon.

Chief of Police Vern Thompson said that with the purchase of body worn cameras (BCWs), the need for data storage increased beyond the department’s capacity. Basically, BWCs require a stand-alone server to manage, download, store and maintain evidence. This allows for better management of data, more ready availability, and automatic backup, which relieves individual officers of a big task each day. The council approved contracting with Digital Information Management System to store digital evidence from body-worn cameras and other digital media. The police department’s budget already provides for this cost.

The next meeting will be on June 25 at 7:00 in the Council Chambers.







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