EPHS gets new football coach

By Curtis Bartlett

For the Independent

There’s an air of excitement at Eagle Point High School as a new head coach is set to take Eagle Point football to the next level. Seth Womack, former offensive coordinator and assistant head coach of the Westminster Blue Jays of Fulton Missouri, has been tapped as head coach of the Eagles next year. Womack, who last year lead the Jays to a four and six season, has not only had extensive experience coaching at the collegiate level but has also put time in coaching the pros in NFL Europe and is poised to bring a faster more exciting style of play to the field. Brian Wood, athletic director at EPHS, says that the new style of coaching fits with the evolution of high school sports. “Whether we like it or dislike it there is definitely a more college feel to the programs. We think that his (Womack’s) knowledge at the college level, the recruiting, the work ethic, and the design of the game is going to just help prepare our kids. I think it will elevate our program to be modeled more like a college style program… it prepares our kids and it elevates the product on the field as well.”

Not only does Womack feel that it’s important to embrace the Eagle’s football program but he wants to become a part of the community of Eagle Point. So much so that he’s already purchased a home within Eagle Point, so that he can be closer to his players and their families. Boosters, some of whom were able to meet with the coach on his last visit, are anticipating his arrival. Once he’s settled in his new home, the club is already planning a meet and greet with Coach Womack in order to welcome him to the community.

The change however, has not come easy as staffing and coaching upsets have been affecting the Eagles since the end of last season. But Wood is positive, he has faith in his student athletes to endure these changes and thrive. “Obviously the kids are our focal point. I think the kids have done amazingly well; they’re very strong, we have great kids. They show up and they work hard and they trust what we’re doing.” The question is, will all of that trust and hard work translate into wins for the struggling Eagles? Wood says that he doesn’t necessarily count the Eagle’s wins by the score when the buzzer sounds. “Our focus is, are we creating better young men and women, and are they fully committed and giving it everything they have? Because that’s all we have, if they’re committed and learning life lessons and doing the best that they can do, that’s success. I feel very strongly with Coach Womack that we’ll get that.”

Watch the Upper Rogue Independent next week for our one on one interview with Coach Womack outlining his vision for Eagle Point Football.


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