Lake Creek Learning Center Science Fair

By Curtis Bartlett

For the independent

The sounds of Science echoed through the halls of the Lake Creek Learning Center Thursday night as the school held its Bi-annual Science Fair. Exhibits from the aerodynamic to the gastronomic displayed the third, fourth and fifth grade students’ skills of scientific analysis. “The students were all required to design an experiment and they have each done that at home over the last couple of weeks.” Teacher Heidi Daniels explains, “They then formed a hypothesis and are now presenting their findings to others.”

Tobias Powers designed his experiment around the principles of hydroelectric power. “Me and my dad were trying to come up with an idea for the science fair and we thought of a water wheel…we tried to get it to light a light bulb but we didn’t have enough power.” Tobias however does not have his young sights set on a future in electrical engineering; he’d like to study birds of prey when he grows up. 3rd grader Ryan set his science sights a little sweeter designing a behavioral experiment using cookies, discovering his class prefers sugar cookies. “You can see by my graph that the sugar had thirteen and the honey and banana had five.” Donovan, an avid football player, used his scientific knowledge to further his skills on the field, designing an experiment around his ability to throw a football with his non dominant hand. “It’s about science and maybe a little bit about tricking the defense.” The most unique experiment designed by 3rd grader Odin had to do with the electrical fields created by special magnets and copper or galvanized pipe. “When you put the magnets in the tube the electrical current created slows the magnets down and causes them to float.” Even though there are two years until the next one, as this science fair drew to a close and the experiments were torn down, Odin remarked “next time I’m going to build a rocket.”


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