Prospect student gets help after automobile accident

Kaylee Biando, a junior at Prospect Charter School was involved in an auto accident on June 6, and was injured severely. She was driving between Butte Falls and Prospect with her brother sleeping in the car. For some reason, the car left the road and rolled, according to Prospect Athletic Director Ray Williams. Kaylee received severe head injuries and her brother, Brawley, received cuts and bruises.

You would never think it, especially on American soil, but the United States Marine Corp came to the rescue. Two active duty Marines just happened to be on the road, stopped to offer assistance and called 911 to get medical personnel to the scene. They tended to the injured girl as best they knew how, perhaps some battlefield training they had received in the Corp. They didn’t know where they were, so they gave coordinates with a GPS device and that brought the helicopter directly to the scene. They then followed the ambulance with brother Brawley to Rogue Valley Medical Center and stayed until they knew there was nothing more they could do. They then left as mysteriously as they had first appeared.

Kaylee underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure within her skull and surgeons removed a blood clot, according to the report from Williams. He said that Kaylee initially had paralysis on her right side, but that was temporary. He also related that Brawley was treated and released after a short time.

Kaylee is the daughter of Ken and Lori Biando of Butte Falls. She had just returned from the state track championships where she had placed third in the shot put and sixth in the javelin. It was her participation in sports that provided the only insurance coverage that the family has on the children. According to Ray Williams, several local people have already sprung into action to raise funds for her care. Cheerleaders have organized a walkathon, beginning at the Gorge Store and continuing along Mill Creek Drive to the Prospect school. At the school, there will be a barbeque with the typical summer foods. Both are fundraisers for the family to defray medical expenses. Those events will take place on June 22—the time was not available.

Just a couple of thoughts: God only knows why those marines were on that road at that particular time, but they probably saved Kaylee’s life. They not only protect our country, but the people in it. At a time when folks are suffering with low or no wage jobs, not everyone has insurance coverage. The Biandos are no exception. Helping out will not only be good for the giver, but will help a family in need. Ideas for fund raising would be most welcome. Contact Ray Williams in Prospect with ideas.



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