Should SC consider dissolution

Shady Cove Mayor Ron Holthusen was on vacation on June 20 and missed quite an agreeable council meeting. The meeting began with the announcement of a July 4 retirement party for FD4 Fire Chief Bob Miller. The party will be held from 1 – 3 pm at the Fire Station.

Public comment followed with Ray Johnson reading into record a guest editorial he’d written for the June 18 edition of the Upper Rogue Independent. The editorial compared Shady Cove and White City, and concluded with a supposition that Shady Cove should consider dissolution. The councilors all felt if this is something the citizens are truly interested in, it’s an idea worth exploring. Councilor Jim Ulrich summing it up with “We do this to serve the best interest, and if the best interest is to not be here, then so be it.” However council also felt it was a complex issue, which should be researched by a separate committee if citizens find they are interested in the idea.

Vacation rentals, another issue which has garnered much public interest, was also discussed during the meeting. Previously the city council felt the city should consider amending the ordinance to allow for vacation rentals in R1 zoning. However, most on the council have since received citizen feedback indicating residents are against this idea. By consensus the ordinance change will no longer be looked into and enforcement of the no vacation rentals law will be handled on a complaint-driven basis. During final Public Comment, both Judy Burgess and Heather Johnson spoke in favor of the vacation rental idea. Both felt it would be a benefit to the city. Johnson stating folks who rented homes would stay in the city longer, shop at the market, eat at the restaurants and take advantage of rafting and fishing opportunities. Though there are no set plans to reconsider the idea; some councilors feel it may be “one of those” issues which comes back before council in the future.

As for New Business, the majority of motions were for Intergovernmental Agreements, all with Jackson County. One was a housekeeping issue, one was to split the cost of maintaining the City Hall parking lot and one was to move the Court to Jackson County. Each passed 4/0.

New Planning Commissioners were to be appointed, however two of the applicants; Richard McGregor and Joyce Todd, were not in attendance. Possibly there was an error in sending them notice. Council opted to appoint (re-appoint) Commissioner Steve Mitchell, who did attend, so there is a quorum. McGregor and Todd will be asked to the July 18 meeting for interviews and possible appointment.

There will be no council meeting on July 4 due to the holiday. The next council meeting will be on July 18.


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