All on less than a tank of gas

The Rogue Valley and surrounding areas have some of the most photographic scenery anywhere around. And the interesting thing is that very many of those scenic spots are within a very short distance of our homes here in the valley. There are a couple of people on staff here at the Independent that like to explore those local places and take photos of them too. We’d like to share them with you, so within a couple of weeks, expect a column that will take you to some of those fascinating places. Perhaps many are those you have heard of, perhaps not, but they are all interesting and will all be within a day’s drive or a tank of gas.

Places we might visit might be places like the bunkers in Sam’s valley, the Oregon Caves or the Rogue Gorge or Takelma Gorge, perhaps a winery or two and maybe the Crater Rock Museum. The Shakespearean festival is a delight for many visitors to the valley but it is just one of the playhouses that offer entertainment. Speaking of museums, there are many around the valley, and each is different and unique. The largest museum is in Jacksonville, one of the more complete is right here in Eagle Point. But there are others and they offer a wonderful glimpse into the past.

Stay with us, for some interesting trips and unique places.


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