Board of Commissioner Meeting

The fiscal year end for Jackson County is June 30, so it is no surprise that the final commissioner meeting was full of year-end financial issues and handling the clean up of additional expenditures and revenues for 2012-13. Appearing on the agenda for the Commissioners’ attention to business was twelve contractual and financial items for the upcoming fiscal years, and a public hearing regarding the second supplemental budget for current year.

The presiding commissioners, Breidenthal and Skundrick, unanimously approved the adoption of the supplemental budget No. 2 for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Administrator Jordan stated that a supplemental budget is required when the county’s “expenditures exceed appropriational authority as adopted by the budget”, and was indeed “pretty lengthy.” The total financial impact exceeded $3 million dollars. Administrator Jordan stated that these monies “couldn’t have been forecast in the budget, or were not certain of, when we prepared the budget”

The first business for the County was the scheduling of a public hearing for July 10, 2013 at 9:30 am at the Courthouse Auditorium. This hearing is for the public’s input regarding White City’s unincorporated boundary and affected county codified ordinances. Those wishing to voice their input have an opportunity at this meeting. Specific information can be obtained from the County’s website at:

The Parks and Roads Department:

1) Adopted the roads capital improvement plan

2) Adopted the parks capital improvement plan and a .002% decrease in the system development charges (SDC) for newly constructed homes (previously $690.88, now $689.15 for a single family dwelling).

3) Updated the countywide road project SDC’s for adding capacity to roads will be increased 2.83% : a cost of $374.72/single family home.

Monte Walters has been a mediator for the County since 2012. His contract was renewed for $115,000 from dedicated state funding for custody and parental disputes.

More healthcare funding was approved with two intergovernmental agreements with the state, one for administrative expenses relating to Medicaid recipient care, and second for the financing of public health services. The resulting revenue: $127,000 and $2,565,650 respectively.

A two-year agreement with the Oregon Department of Education Early Learning Division and its accompanying $324,455 annual revenue was approved to “ensure that children enter school ready to learn.” More funding for administrative expenses was approved for the county’s implementation activities connected with Oregon’s Medicaid Healthy Families/Early Learning Division, with resulting revenue of $41,250.

Three other contracts were approved:

1) The Chamber of Commerce of Medford/Jackson County to operate the information booth at the airport.

2) Payroll software program with Oracle America, Inc for $86,029.

3) Multiple contracts with Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ESCO) for 911 telecommunication and emergency communication and dispatch, an expense of $1,102,968.

And this will kick-off the frugal budgetary cycle of 2013-2014.


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