Cobleigh Road Bridge Closed for Inspection

Tuesday, July 16

8:00 AM to Noon

The historic one lane bridge on Cobleigh Road will be closed from 8:00AM to Noon on Tuesday, July 16 for its biannual bridge inspection. In order to perform the inspection, a piece of equipment called a “Snooper Truck” will be used to get a close look at all the bridge members, including the bridge deck. The presence of the Snooper Truck will not leave room for vehicles to pass on this one lane bridge during the inspection and thus force closure of the bridge. Residents are advised to plan their day around this closure. Equipment will be moved to allow emergency vehicles to pass, should that be necessary. All other vehicles will be required to wait.

Following the inspection of the Cobleigh Bridge, the Snooper Truck will be used to inspect the Antioch Road Bridge over Evans Creek on the afternoon of July 16 and the Table Rock Road Bridge over the Rogue River during the morning of July 17. The inspection of these two bridges will be accomplished with a single lane closure and flaggers will direct traffic around the Snooper Truck.

For further information, John Vail, Jackson County Roads at 541-774-6238.



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