Dogs must not be left in cars in the hot summer heat

Unless your dog comes with a bun wrapped around it and a generous portion of mustard, done’t leave it in the car. A temperature that might seem like a warm summer day to us can be deadly to your family pet. Especial when they are trapped in a car. Os course, we often leave the windows in the up position, to prevent them from jumping out or prevent them from biting someone who happens to be walking by.

But leaving a dog unattended in a car on a hot summer day can kill the dog at much lower temperatures than we might find comfortable. When the temperature reaches 70 degrees in the outside air, it is time to take the dog out and leave it at home. As the temperature escalates, the inside temperature grows very rapidly. At the temperature swings up to about 95 degrees, the inside has already attainted a temperature of 145 degrees. Short periods of exposure are OK, providing they are very short and the temperature inside is quickly reduced to a tolerable level.

Even when outside temperatures are relatively low, the heat build-up inside is deadly. It is the radiant heat from the sun knifes through the glass heating the interior even though it is quite balmy outside. Cracking windows helps, but it will only make a minor difference in that intolerable heat. Don’t forget that dogs need water, plenty of it. They cool their bodies through their lungs and lose much water in the process. Always keep them hydrated and keep them at home in a cool space during summer months.



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