Help needed at the Ranch Rodeo

The Ranch Rodeo Committee is looking for some volunteer help on Sunday July 21st for the Ranch Rodeo at the Jackson County Fair. This event should be a hoot, at least for visitors to the fair.

Help to include: Moving Cattle, Running Paper work and more yet to be determined.

If you would like to help or need more information please call Creighton Nevin at 541-973-9219

This might just be one of the premier events at the 2013 Jackson County Fair. I know there are a number of folks I’d like to see trying to get hold of a wild cow for milking. What you’re going to see are real working cowboys (and girls)doing what they would normally do on the farm or ranch. And for the friends of those competing in the event, it might be nice to support them with your attendance at this July 21 event.

The work will be light and you could be the one to help embarrass that friend you have been waiting getting even with.

Contact Creighton Nevin at 541 973-9219


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