Rollover lands on pumphouse

Danielle Roberts had a rude wake up call on the morning of June 28. She heard a loud noise and looked out the kitchen window of her home near the Bear Mountain Park on Highway 62 north of Shady Cove. At first, she thought her husband Gary had driven their pickup around the house and onto the front lawn. Then she looked closer and saw that their pumphouse, which is in the front yard, was nearly demolished and the vehicle was not her husband, but some poor hapless young man who had some really bad luck.

Fire District #4 chief, Bob Miller, on his last day on the job, was on the scene and told the story. Evidently, the young man had a blowout on the right side front tire of his smaller car. That threw him into the guard rail and when he corrected for that, quickly embarked on the ride of a lifetime. The vehicle went down into the ditch at the side of the highway, then became airborne, jumping two fences and smashing into the pumphouse at the front of the Robert’s home. Along the route,the car piled into another fence, smashed into the pumphouse and came to rest just inches from the front of the Robert’s home. The young man was not hurt in the accident and was walking around when the Independent arrived on the scene.

The Roberts were just packing for a weekend camping trip, but will now use their RV for living space while the pumphouse and fence gets fixed. According to Danielle Roberts, they are fortunate in that no one was hurt in the incident. However Danielle said that the car’s insurance had expired just the day before and was being driven by the brother of the owner.


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