Smooth as Clockwork in Eagle Point

Things have settled down in Eagle Point after a busy and delightful Fourth of July celebration. Police Chief Vern Thompson said that while they didn’t issue any tickets for illegal fireworks, four officers offered police presence as a reminder for people to be safe and legal.

The council passed a resolution authorizing the City of Eagle Point to enter into a contract with Pacific Asphalt Surface Sealing for seal coat improvements on specified streets. Applying a seal coat is the simplest and cheapest pavement fix. Some folks however, will notice their streets weren’t included in this project. The reason might be that those streets need more help than the simple fix offers, or the city’s commitment to stick to the budget.

The Showa, Japan contingency enjoyed themselves during their visit and participation in the city’s Fourth activities. Councilor Sell said it was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. The language barrier created extra challenges, but through their interpreter, and as people usually do, both the Americans and the Japanese managed to get their points across. The Showa group took flowers to Kathi Quiring in remembrance of her husband, Dennis, who passed away last year. Dennis was part of the contingency that visited Showa in 2011.

Finance Officer Melissa Owens happily reported increased traffic on the city’s website, saying people were signing onto various links and exploring. The municipal staff, Owens especially, are busy transitioning from the old to the new fiscal year.

The city is running smoothly, and with no major issues or projects at the moment, the meeting concluded earlier than usual.

The next meeting will be August 23, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall.







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