So far despite little rain the water flows

For the time being, and despite the lack of rainfall, the main canal of Eagle Point Irrigation District is running at 91 cfs, which means that everyone is getting water and getting it on time. Given the lack of rainfall and the hot drying winds, this is good news. Board Member Gary Bedell asked if the projections are for a full season of irrigation, and it appears that lake storage and creek water will hold throughout the season. Manager Dave Ford reported that one of the District’s two pumps is running and the addition of 15 cfs from Willow Lake is keeping the main canal full. More emphasis is going to be put on running the additional pump and preserving the water within the lake.

Some unusual circumstances occurred when the District office was built on Brophy Road about 7 years ago. The power plant and office were hooked up to run off the power generation on the site. The correct hookup should have been for the office to run off the Pacificorp lines and the District would have been paying less for the power that runs the office. The District hired a consultant to investigate and correct the situation. Estimates are that the correct hookup could possibly save the District a considerable sum.

Patrons appeared before the Board, questioning the presence of cattle within one of the ditches. The board said that the landowner is responsible for damage, regardless of the ownership of the cattle. Manager Dave Ford said that they have been working with the landowner and have done their best to cooperate and keep the ditches in good condition.

Medford Water Commission has approached EPID about allowing more water to flow in Butte Creek. The issue is under discussion at the current time. Reports are that this is an attempt to increase stream flow for fish passage.

EPID meetings are held at the District office on the second Tuesday of each month, unless specially called. The next meeting will on August 13.




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