Summer photo contest time

Summertime is the time for photos. Well, anytime is good for photos, as long as you frame the photo properly, set your camera correctly and hold steady when you snap the shutter. As any of you know, there is always more to getting the photo you want, and the longer you practice, the better you get.

So we’re going to give you another chance. Beginning August 1, the Independent will run another contest, and this time the theme will be Rogue Valley Summer. I realize that is a big category, but that leaves the door wide open for all you shutterbugs to pick your best photo and send it to us for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Here are the rules: two entries per person. Entries will be in either the senior division or the junior division. Junior division is for those young camera buffs younger than 18 years of age. If you happen to be aged 18 plus one day, you have to go in with the old folks. The theme is Rogue Valley Summer, so make it a photo of the Rogue Valley, and make it a photo you took this summer. The contest will run from August 1 until August 31. We will select a panel of three judges and they will decide the winners based on these criteria: how well the photo fits the theme, the focus and clarity of the photo and how well the photographer presents the subject.

Photos should be submitted digitally, and should be scaled to fit an 11 x 8 ½ page. They must be landscape oriented (not portrait) and either color or grayscale is fine. Employees of the Independent are ineligible for participation. The judges will be selected from among the community and properly bribed—but just to get them to do it.

Entries may either be emailed to the office of the Independent at or brought to the office on either a thumb drive or disc, either cd or DVD. Format is either Jpeg or tiff, no raw files unless they have been converted to jpeg or tiff.

Entries will not be accepted after the office has closed August 30. Try your best to include something that is easily identifiable with the Rogue Valley. Don’t snap your photo, make it the best you can. Try shooting from different angles and zoom in and out to get what you believe is the best exposure and framing. Shoot from a tripod if you have one, from a steady rest if you don’t. Try to set your white balance correctly, but sometimes a better exposure can result from an incorrect setting.

The prizes in this contest will blow your socks off. First place in the adult division gets a cruise on Rogue Jet Boat Adventures. This adventure starts near Lower Table Rock and journeys up the Rogue to rattlesnake rapids. The captain will entertain you with stories of the history of the area as he maneuvers his craft along the river, through both quiet water and some of the more exciting water. Thrill to this adventure with Rogue Jet Boat Adventures.

Second Place in the adult division will be two bottles of exquisite wines from Agate Ridge Vineyards, one of Eagle Point’s premium wine makers. Agate ridge winery is at 1098 Nick Young Road, approximately ½ mile from Eagle Point.

The third place winner in the adult division will win a six month subscription to the Upper Rogue Independent

In the Junior division, we have some very exciting prizes. The first place winner will receive two private lessons from premier Eagle Point landscape and portrait photographer, John Vait. Time spent with Vait will enhance any photographic career and he has graciously volunteered his time to spend with the winning entrant.

Second place will be awarded an SD card for their camera. You can never have enough of these handy little items, and having a spare can often mean the difference between having that special photo to show everyone, or having to recall it from memory—your own.

Third place in the junior division will receive an ice cream treat from the Lake Creek General Store. The store is as much as a treat as is the Ice Cream, but the third place winner will receive both.

Remember, there is a limit of two photos per contestant and they must match the theme of Rogue Valley summer. If you have questions, please call our office at 541 826-7700.



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