Car-jack attempt foiled in Sams Valley

By F.C. Blake

For the Independent

On August 1, a man Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies believe had ingested a potent form of bath salts, briefly entered then quickly left Rainey’s Market. Identified by Law Enforcement Officials as Jeremiah Thomas, the alleged perpetrator then hurried across Antioch Road to the BiMor Gas Station’s convenience store. According to witnesses, Thomas appeared in an abnormal, highly agitated state.

“He looked jumpy; his eyes kept twitching,” BiMor’s Assistant Manager, Nicole Funk said of the alleged potential car-jacker. A security system caught the entire incident on video, which Funk had opportunity to review shortly afterward.

According to Funk, Thomas approached, and accosted one of their regular customers who was returning to his vehicle after just having bought a pack of cigarettes. “He (Thomas) started hammering on the customer; kept trying to steal the man’s car.” Funk said. “The potential theft victim who Funk surmised would prefer not releasing his name, activated an anti-theft mechanism, so that his car wouldn’t go. But the would-be thief kept coming back, pounding on it, and insisting on taking the auto.”

Two J.C. Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars arrived, Funk continued. They tasered, then hog-tied the suspect, and reported finding bath salts in his possession. “Bath Salts get them so high,” she quoted deputies as saying, “it gets their adrenalin up so they don’t feel anything—their strength is incredible.”

As of Monday, August 5, the suspect who has been permanently “86’d” (banned) from Rainey’s and BiMor’s premises, was still diagnosed as “under a drug-induced coma,” Funk said.

Calls requesting comment from the Sheriff’s Department had not yet been returned as of close of business Tuesday.




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