Cascade Pool celebrates 50 years

By Joy Reich

For the Independent

The White City Cascade Community Pool is celebrating its 50-year birthday in August with some special activities. The pool was built as an outdoor facility for the families who lived in Cascade Village. Over the years it has been transferred from owner to owner due to the financial burden it entails to run a pool. The Eagle Point School District took ownership in August of 1999. In November of 1999 the Cascade Community Pool Corporation was formed to run the pool for the school district. This nonprofit group has kept the pool open and operating for 13 years. Other managing groups were able to keep it running only 9 years until they gave up.

Many improvements have been made since 1999 and the pool with no paved parking lot, no landscaping, and no skate park no longer looks the way it did in 1999. This year it is 50 years old and the Celebration Committee consisting of Dorothy Stecker, Mary Hoag, Alma Gates, Shirley Lambert, and Joy Reich has planned special activities to celebrate the event. All of the committee members helped form the nonprofit corporation in 1999 and are still pool members.

No one is sure of the exact date of the first opening so it is planned for the week of August 12th through the 17th. Each day members will receive something special. On Wednesday we will have a Pot Luck Barbeque for pool members, staff, and their families between 4:30 P.M. and 6:30 P.M. Open swim children will receive special treats on Wednesday. Swim lesson children will receive special treats on Thursday, August 15th.

On Saturday, August 17th we will have FREE open swims every two hours. Only 50 people will be admitted to each two-hour session. On Friday, August 2nd we will begin a sign-up sheet in the office and the first 50 who sign up will be allowed into each session. People can attend only one session. The two hour sessions are: 10 – 12 P.M., 12 – 2 P.M., 2 – 4 P.M., 4 – 6 P.M. We plan to have a treat for each swimmer as they leave the pool. Parents who sit on deck to watch their children need not sign up. We hope to see full attendance at each session.


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