County Commissioner report

There were only three items for the Commissioner’s to formalize in this week’s meeting at the public courthouse auditorium. Two of the Board Orders pertained to policy updates on county roads, and the only other business was to officially approve a data sharing policy.

The commissioners updated the county policy regarding the unimproved county roads, an estimated 75 miles. Also amended was the policy regarding the paving program of the approximate 164 miles of county maintained roads. Both changes placed more cost to the landowner or citizen interested in improving the road. The Board Order states that the financial condition of the County Road Department has changed such that the Department can no longer afford to absorb the cost as currently documented in existing policies (improvement of unimproved County roads and the paving of County maintained gravel roads). The County Administrator stated that there are no requests for improvements to these county roads at this time. The 2013-14 budget for the Jackson County Parks and Roads Department is $37.8 Mllion.

The commissioners formalized a current practice to share the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) data with the Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO) and to the Office of Emergency Management, a branch of the Oregon Military Department. According to county officials, this will provide emergency responders with consistent and uniform county-roadmap information.

By Colleen Roberts

For the Independent


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