District 9 offering online classes

According to Principal, Brian Wood, district 9 is offering something unique to just a few schools in the state of Oregon. Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, online classes will be offered to students who for a variety of reasons have challenges with the conventional bricks and mortar, traditional schools. Called D9 Online, the school offers students a variety of options for completing an education without the need to visit the physical campus.

While the curriculum is virtually the same, this program is designed to accommodate students with special needs. Recognizing that not all students learn at the same rate, for instance is one of the reasons for online classes. Some students are just not morning people and learn much faster at night or at other times of the day. Many students are currently home schooled for a variety of reasons and this type program is designed to help them receive a quality education. Wood says that D9 Online is designed to fit the needs of all students who chose to take advantage of the program.

Entering the school is a matter of making application. Once approved, the student receives the curriculum and also a Chrome Book on which to work. Once in the program, the students work just as if they were physically in class. Progress is monitored and if needed, corrections made by one of three certified and approved online instructors hired by the school. This is not a program for those who just want to stay home and not do school work.

At times during the year, students will have opportunity to go on field trips, if they wish to participate. And, they will have opportunity to participate in any of the school activities. They will also have the option of a partial attendance at the schools and receive part of their instruction online. Students will have the option of face-to-face counseling with staff at the schools, in case they have difficulties with a particular subject or lesson.

Brian Wood says he is really excited about the possibilities that this program offers to students. The options for learning are nearly endless.


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