Fair Board hears more from public

Three members of the public appeared before the Jackson County Fair Board, echoing the sentiments expressed during the town hall meeting of a couple weeks prior. Their concerns ranged from a Board that is listening to hours of meetings to how the public can communicate with individual Board members. Tom Damon told the Board that they should not use the 2013 Fair as a measure of success and that the public didn’t perceive value in this year’s fair.

By a majority vote, the times of the meetings have been changed to the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 6 p. m. The Board also revitalized several committees that had fallen into dormancy. Beginning now, the Fair Committee, Budget Committee, Rodeo Committee, Asset Management Committee and Entertainment Committee will be actively planning for the Expo. Jim Teece, Mel Morris and J. B. Dimick will handle duties on the Fair committee, Dave Hyatt will chair the Budget Committee, Mel Morris, Carolyn Rider and Chris Smith will be on the Rodeo Committee. John Anhorn, Carolyn Rider and Chris Smith will be members of the Asset Management Committee and Entertainment will be John Anhorn, J. B. Dimick and Jim Teece. Each committee will select a chair and they will report to the Fair Board as a whole. They will also select community members to help with those assignments.

J. B. Dimick reported that the Stockmen’s Association and the Jackson County Farm Bureau are talking about partnering with the Expo to preserve the sixth day of the Fair. The idea of reducing to a four day event had been brought forward and the community has expressed dislike of the idea. While the talks are preliminary at this time, those groups have expressed interest in preserving the traditional fair schedule, a first step in solving one of the problems. Farm Bureau President Ron Bjork, confirmed that they are in the talking stages, with the objective of finding a solution to that last day of the fair.

Somehow, after Carole Mercer’s pointed questions concerning a vision statement, one has appeared and was displayed during the August 21 meeting. Also on display was a strategic plan for the facility, produced sometime when the newer facility was opened. It was noted that the vision statement was never approved by the Board.

The next Board meeting will be the third Thursday of September, beginning at 6 p. m. Those meetings are generally held in the Mace building.


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