Jackson County Board of Commissioner Report

By Colleen Roberts

For the Independent

Most agenda items at the Board of Commissioner’s public meeting pertained to amendments and clarifications, creating specific language for ongoing committees, contracts, agreements, and county ordinances;

(a) membership qualifications for the five positions on the Taylor Grazing

Committee were amended,

(b) the duties between the City of Medford and Jackson County for state building inspections were clarified in writing,

(c) a contractual lease at the Airport for a hanger was discussed and amended,

(d) an interpretation of a former Board Order was amended to the original intent-eliminating a recording fee, and

(e) a permit to continue Rogue Yacht Club services at the County’s operation at Howard Prairie Resort formalized the public-private relationship.

The big-ticket item on the agenda was an $8 million dollar runway project for the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport. The project will be funded through an FAA grant that will reimburse the county for approximately $7.5 million. The remaining funds for this project will come from state funds the county received in 2012 ($224,000), and airport reserves ($604,669). These reserves will be replaced when another passenger facility charge (PFC) is approved.


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