Police just doing their job!

Eagle Point is blessed with a fine Police Department. From the chief on down, the officers and staff conscientiously work hard to keep our community safe and to create an amiable atmosphere between citizens and law enforcement. And so it was when an Eagle Point police officer noticed something I didn’t—my speed exceeded the posted limit. This was no I’m-in-a-hurry-and-I’m-pushing-it situation, but a lapse of attention with added lead to my foot.

The officer was polite, even congenial while explaining my infraction and issuing the ticket. The sad, sad affair didn’t end with “Have a nice day,” but with a kind admonishment to be safe and watch my speed.

I crept home, deciding not to go where I had intended, for my mood was no longer on a have-fun setting. But rather than give in to tears or a kick-myself attitude, I dug into cleaning out the garage. There’s nothing like a pile of stuff for a yard sale or the recycle bin to lift one’s spirits.

Now I’m strapped with a fine. Rats! On the upside, my misdeed will add to the coffers of our fine city. Not my favorite act of local loyalty, still… Just when the old budget had a little padding, alas, this happens. I considered a cardboard sign pleading for help to pay a traffic ticket, but that might raise a few eyebrows, so I opted instead for an austerity deprivation program. Coffee? No thanks, and into an envelope goes $4.00. That really cute top at the mall? Nope. I’ll stay away from the mall and other such cash-gobbling temptations and voila, my fund will grow. I’ll make money by not spending it.

From this little venture I gained a new definition of friendship: someone who invites you over and offers a champagne toast to your speeding ticket—sort of a bubbly version of making lemonade with life’s lemons. I mean, how upset can you be while sipping champagne and watching a hilarious old movie? Gotta love a friend like that.

Now I’ve bared my soul, all in an attempt to make light of a personal frustration. But take heed, fellow citizens—the Eagle Point Police Department consists of fine folks who do their job, and we can’t fault them one iota. So my suggestion to all of you out there is to be safe, and slow down.

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent



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