Vandals destroy Shady Cove park

Damage done at Aunt Caroline's Park in Shady Cove.

Damage done at Aunt Caroline’s Park in Shady Cove.

Some time late July 31 or early August 1, a person or persons destroyed property at Aunt Caroline’s Park in Shady Cove. Someone cut down an Oak tree and another nearby tree close to the utility shed at the park, cut a hole in the wall of the shed and cut a section from a picnic table bench. Sheriff’s deputies say the investigation is ongoing.

The park is in an area where no residents would have heard the saw and it is doubtful that anyone driving by on the road could have seen anything. It was estimated that the damage was somewhere between $500 and $1,000. The oak tree was a beautiful specimen about 16 inches in diameter. The hole in the building was cut with a chainsaw. The vandals cut through a couple of wall studs, through some electrical cable and through the siding. The picnic table seat was made of two-inch lumber and was completely cut into three sections.

Citizens have informed the Independent that they are offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the vandal(s). Several community members have expressed extreme disgust at the wanton destruction. Sheriff’s deputies are seeking information about the vandalism. They may be reached at city hall.

Destruction of property, in this case, city property, is especially hurtful because many citizens have put enormous amounts of work into the park, only to see it destroyed. If anyone has information to help the police in solving this crime, they can reach them at (541) 878-3200.


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