Board of Commissioners report

At the beginning of each public meeting of the Jackson County Commissioners, the public has opportunity to speak to the Commissioners, and a handful of citizens took advantage of this first amendment right. One individual spoke to the commissioners regarding her frustrating experience attending a Jackson County Fair Board meeting. She reported the agenda for the meeting was not posted or available and she inadvertently began to speak on an item on the agenda for which she was promptly reprimanded and publicly embarrassed. In addition, some in attendance were allowed to speak while others were not. She described the Fair Board Chair as defensive and unapproachable and requested appropriate action by the Commissioners. Similar adverse response has been observed in this and in past Commissioner meetings concerning citizen opinion and input.

Another citizen announced the formation of a 501(C)(3): Producers of Wealth EnRich Jackson County (POWER JC). Their mission statement revolves around those workers in the three basic wealth-producing industries of agriculture, lumber and mining who lost their lives while working and at the time of their death were either residents of Jackson County or were working in Jackson County. They also provide support and proposed a memorial in their honor.

Much of the public meeting of the Board of Commissioners addressed maintenance issues for our county:

1) $69,880 for sealant for the roof at the Medford Library by Simpson and Associates.

2) $14,000 for Acme Fire and Safety Equipment for maintenance and inspection of extinguishers and range hoods.

3) $70,741contract with Huser Integrated Technologies to upgrade the Closed Circuit

Television (CCRV) system at the Justice Building, 100 S. Oakdale, Medford,

including: replacing outdated analog cameras with digital cameras, new DVD

equipment, and new microphones corresponding with security cameras in the


4) $78,815 for asphalt repair at the Expo Compton Arena by LTM, Knife River.

Formally approved was a 3-year contract with the Multnomah Education Service District (MESD) who will process the Title XIX claims of the Oregon Health Authority for Jackson County–a $1200 annual expense.

Although Jackson County Human Services Grant Agreements succumbed to county cuts in the last budget session (15% cut plus $100,000), they were approved for $270,503 for the fiscal year 2013-14.

The State Department of Corrections will continue services in Jackson County for the supervision of Senate Bill 1145 cases. This one-year agreement will generate approximately $6,118,830. The State pays Jackson County to provide services for individuals of the Community Justice System.

By Colleen Roberts

for the Independent



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