D-9 Foundation—It’s All About the Kids

“Every graduating senior or GED recipient, who desires to continue education, may receive scholarship support upon approved application…” Those words are part of the D-9 Foundation’s mission statement and the core belief of the small group of volunteers who comprise the group. The foundation is not part of the D9 district, but a tax-exempt organization whose sole purpose is to stand with kids in the district, and whose supporters are mostly EPHS graduates and those who currently have students in the system. President John Rotar graduated his last child in 2006, but believes so strongly in the program he has stayed on. They need money to fund the scholarships, but they also need manpower. As with most groups, a small number of people do the bulk of the work. “It would really be nice to show people exactly what it does and how beneficial it is to the kids it helps,” says Rotar. The goal is to see kids graduate and succeed—not drop out of school, or later drop out of society. The foundation also assists with vaccination and dental programs.

College is a necessity for many jobs and careers, but the costs can be staggering. Students desiring to seek assistance with higher education may apply through the Eagle Center at the high school. A committee reviews and selects the recipients. Grades and financial need are only part of the criteria. Scholarships vary in amount, but most are in the $500-700 range. Kids can re-apply, and many do. Last year the foundation granted just under $43,000 in scholarships. For some, these funds allow a student to be the first in his or her family to attend college. The recipients need to stay in school as full-time students to continue receiving funds.

The foundation’s main fundraiser is its annual dinner, auction and golf tournament. The 13th annual event is September 7 and 8 at Arthur’s Pavilion (recently renamed The Talon) on the golf course. For reservations, call Mary Hussell at 541-830-3409. Auctions items include a guided fishing trip, two nights at Worldmark Resort, a drift boat, and much more. The website, d9foundation.com, gives further information.

The D-9 Foundation emphasizes that it’s all about the kids—about helping kids go out, get prepared, and take their places in the world as contributors. Community support for the upcoming auction and golf tournament will help realize those goals.

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent


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