EP Council reviews maintenance in Eagle Point

Water remains a topic of discussion for City Council. Rick Chamberlain, expressed concern with yellowing at the tops of local evergreen trees, a sign of water stress. Since he stated his views during audience comment time, the council made no comment nor took action, according to council rules.

Later in the evening Public Works Director Robert Miller revisited the recently finalized Water Master Plan, followed by detailed discussion on high priority projects. The city’s water supply is basically adequate under normal circumstances, but in an emergency (a fire), the system would not fulfill the need. Its capacity is also stretched during peak demand times. By moving the Bellerive Pump Station, the system would operate more efficiently. A new tank is also in the offing. In order to finance these projects, city staff carefully determines when and how it is prudent to spend money, keeping in mind that to pay now might alleviate paying much more at a later date. Finance Officer Melissa Owens explained which financing options would be the most fiscally responsible in the long run.

Crack sealing and seal coating continue on streets throughout the city and public works has received many calls asking about the process. Rob Miller has literally gone door-to-door to meet folks and let them know what’s going on. The biggest question is, why not our street? The answer is, money. A study of the street situation determined need and assigned priorities. Some streets are too far-gone for the simple fix. Miller and his crew stretch their budget and manpower to accomplish the task.

Citizens have stepped up to the plate also, one man going through his neighborhood reminding people when to put out their trash. A woman who recently relocated from the East coast was impressed when she called the city and someone actually returned her call.

The Economic Development Commission is currently working on its focus, forging a mission and targeting projects and goals. They feel they will accomplish more and do so with greater efficiency.

After discussion about land near Crystal Drive and Dianne Way, the council passed a resolution “authorizing the City of Eagle Point to enter into an agreement with McAndrews Properties and Crown West to purchase 6.5 acres of land for park use.” Details still need to be resolved.

Staff and council reported on their varied assignments, and it appears things are rolling along in Eagle Point.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for September 24 in the City Council Chambers.

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent


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