JSWCD moves into new digs

Jackson Soil and Water Conservation Service, along with the Farm Service Agency and Natural Resources Conservation Service, moved into their new facility and held their open house on Feb. 25.  The new building is located on Alder Street in Central Point; the building formerly housed the headquarters of the Grange Coop.

The three agencies were housed together prior to the move, though they were in a smaller facility on Parsons Road, to the west of Medford.  JSWCD manager, Randy White is thrilled about the move because it gives the District more room to maneuver and to expand, if necessary.  It also gives the agencies a much larger conference room that can be divided if two meetings occur simultaneously.

JSWCD and NRCS are both located on the first floor of the two story building, and several offices are located on the second floor as well.  An extensive remodel followed the vacating of the building by Grange Coop, a remodel necessary to house the new tenants.  By the time the remodel was complete, the taxpayers completely owned the building, according to JSWCD  manager White.  The project remodel even included an elevator to assist those who have difficulty with stairs.

The entrance is on Alder street with limited parking in front of the building.  Another entrance is on the east sside of the building on First Street.  There is also parking to the rear of the building if street and front lot are full.

JSWCD  is an agency that helps local landowners with conservation projects on their properties, whether rural or urban.  They are served by a Board of Directors and staff that represent all members of the Jackson County Community.  NRCS and the FSA partner closely with JSWCD in their efforts.

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