March 11 city council meeting

Eagle Point City Council

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent

Managing one’s personal life has its times of high activity and times when things just buzz along. So it is with managing a city. The March 11 meeting ran short, and most agenda items, including commission and department reports, related to works in progress. Eagle Point remains in the running, now in the final group, to receive a grant for improving the entrance to the city. Several councilors praised city manager Henry Lawrence for his Friday letter, which can be read online at the city’s website: On the homepage click on “online services,” then “archive center” and select the letter you wish to read. Mr. Lawrence has done an excellent job in summarizing and updating what’s going on in town.

Of note, Suzi Collins reported the theme for the Fourth of July parade—America Volunteers. The grand marshal remains a secret for now, with Suzi refusing to reveal her or his name. And due to governmental sequestration, there will be no military flyover.

Stay tuned, however, for the March 25 council meeting, when the agenda will include multiple items and much discussion. Meanwhile, citizens can rest assured that their city is in good hands and in good shape

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