SC city council meeting

By Ralph McKechnie

Of the Independent

Over the years, the Shady Cove city council has changed how they structure business license fees, and recently they have again changed that fee schedule.

During the city council meeting of June 4, a letter from a resident complained about an increase of some $35 per year increase from $50 to $85. The letter state that fees were formerly charged based on a schedule which included a “home based” business as differentiated from regular full-time business. Under that former schedule, the business was charged based on the size and relative income potential of the business. Home based businesses were therefore charged significantly less.

The schedule was changed from that model to a model based on the work created within the city staff, and the fees were amended to make all the same.

The letter was asking relief because her work is strictly part time and what she does doe not generate very much income.

The city council also looked at resolutions which are little more than housekeeping but require by the state. Resolution 15-20 certifies that the city of Shady Cove provides certain services to residents; among them are sewer service, police services and others.

Resolution 15-21 is a companion to the previous resolution, in that the city must pass this in order to receive state revenue.

Resolution 15-22 adopts the budget for the year. At just over $4 million, there was some discussion and clarification. City Administrator Aaron Prunty stated that there was a larger than normal payment that finished off a contract.

The council meeting was short and the next council meeting is scheduled for June 18.