Police safety warnings

We would like to remind our residents: Do not leave vehicles running unattended! The entire valley has seen an increase in vehicle thefts, and we are not immune in our small town. Thieves are actively preying on the sense of small-town safety where residents leave vehicles unsecured and homes unlocked. This behavior continues to plague our town as the criminal element is rewarded with easy, unsecured targets. Many criminologists believe that these situations are created w…hen motivated offenders readily find appealing targets that are not closely guarded. Under this theory, a reduction in this type of crime can be achieved when potential targets are secured and constantly monitored by capable guardians. One way to make your home and vehicles less appealing to thieves is to “harden” your property through the use of locks, security systems, and outdoor lighting. Make your vehicles less appealing targets by removing valuables, securing doors and windows, and never leaving them running unattended.

In addition to hardening potential targets, the presence of capable guardians is one of the best ways to deter criminal elements, as many thieves weigh the cost of getting caught against the potential reward. Neighborhoods with active guardians (such as Neighborhood Watch groups) typically see less criminal activity. If criminal activity does take place, the chances of apprehending the offender are higher when there are eyewitnesses or surveillance. When criminal activity is constantly thwarted, the thieves will move on to easier targets. Ultimately, by watching out for each other we can send a message that criminal elements are not welcome in our community.

Let’s work together and keep our community safe!