Superintendent Contract Renewed

Superintendent Contract Renewed

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent

Based on its own assessment and a community survey, the D9 school board completed its annual superintendent evaluation. They gave Superintendent Rickert high marks and at their February 8 meeting voted to renew her contract. On the financial side, the district is proud to once more pass its audit with flying colors, no problems. The board thanked Scott Whitman for his fine work, often unrecognized.

Principal Jodi Salinas introduced two of her Hillside Elementary students. She described fourth grader Kayleigh Brousseau as a kind and caring young woman who serves on student leadership team, and always acts as a role model. Chanel Stockton, in fifth grade, is never satisfied with the easy road, a shining example of what D9 is all about. She is positive and encouraging. Salinas praised volunteer Peg Sisul for her encouragement of students and her work with the Lego robotics team. Final recognition went to fifth-grade teacher Corrine Wagner, a professional at heart, a woman who executes her duties with grace and who respects her kids.

Salinas talked about Hillside’s academic growth, highlighting improved math scores and bragging on the kindergarteners and their reading accomplishments. Electives include science, art, and rock wall climbing. She ended saying she has a great team, a great building, great families, and she loves it all.

Talisha Bullock and Ethan Shafer brought sad news. EPHS’s Sparrow, Jorge, is now on hospice. Students have earned 495.75 hours for him and will continue their fundraising. Shafer told about the recent choral event in Eugene where he joined a top high school all-male choir, including a song sung in Latvian.

Allen Barber offered an update of the Facilities Committee at the work session. The committee visits and evaluates district facilities, gathering facts and making observations. With aging structures and evolving needs, future changes are inevitable. Open enrollment is available for a brief window in March, when non-resident students can apply for acceptance in D9.

During the work session the board continued to discuss student Internet safety. Based on teacher request and after review, some sites have been reopened. Teachers can monitor their classrooms through observation and specific online programs. More than a dozen folks spoke during the Public Forum, expressing concern about inappropriate sites still available. Two teachers who are also parents offered both perspectives. All acknowledged the benefits of technology and that parents have a responsibility to monitor and inform their kids. The discussion will continue.