Largest Traditional Easter Egg Hunt in Oregon



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Largest Traditional Easter Egg Hunt in Oregon….Right Here!!


Once again the Cascade #208 Lodge of Freemasons in Shady Cove, Oregon will hold their Traditional Easter Egg Hunt at the Shady Cove Elementary School.  This event has far surpassed 30 years of continued fun and service to the Upper Rogue community and has steadily grown to be the Largest Traditional Easter Egg Hunt in Oregon.  Real colored Easter Eggs pop up in the grass of the play field at the Elementary School on Highway 62 in the center of Shady Cove on the early morning of Saturday April 15th-  the day before Easter.  With 8000 eggs scattered about, this field takes on a festive appearance for the children and families of Southern Oregon.


The field area is sectioned off into three age groups to allow a fun and safe experience for all children and parents.  Age groups are – Toddlers to 3 years (parents may assist this group) — 4 to 7 years old — and 8 to 12 years old.  Of course for families with children of wide ranging ages, smaller children can go with their siblings into the next older group if parents wish—but toddlers (and their parents) will have the best experience within their own special age area.


100 prize eggs are spread around with the rest of the colored eggs and can be redeemed at the entrance/exit for a great prize —however, to spread the fun there is only one prize egg allowed for each finder.


Excellent security for the children is provided by the single entrance/exit to this event and a safe and stress free time is assured for parents and children alike.


Many parents bringing their children make this a ‘generational’ event, as they once also came to hunt the eggs as kids and return now as parents with their own young ones to share the fun.   The egg hunt starts at 10:00 am on Saturday the 15th… but a very strong request is to have your children there far before this start time— as once the bell is rung to start the hunt it is only a matter of minutes until every egg has been found.  If you show up late- there will be nothing left for your children—and we want NO child to go away sad! Parents often have their children there an hour early and enjoy watching their kid’s excitement and game planning–with new friends, and old.  Be there early!!!!


The Masonic Lodge always provides the eggs and most of the prizes- no money is requested- but if a business or private party wishes to donate more prizes for the kids- we will gladly accept them and add these into the prize pile for more special winners.  The morning is about making smiles and the gift given that is the spirit of Easter.


Any question regarding the hunt or how to donate any prize is welcomed by calling

Frank Springer – Past Master of Cascade Lodge at— 541-865-3933 or 541-840-3698