Police report





Spencer Gifford, EP.  Cited for speed racing on highway or premises open to public.

John Leffingwell, 35, WC.  Arrested and cited for driving while suspended, driving uninsured, expired registration, and illegal alteration or display of plates.

Linzy Michels, WC.  Cited for speed violation, 44/25.


Sommer Ann Humphreys, 21, Medford transient.  Arrested on Medford Municipal Court warrant for failure to comply/harassment.  Lodged JCJ.


April Williams, SC.  Cited for no valid operator’s license and speed violation, 42/25.


Manuel Montufar, WC.  Cited for driving uninsured.


Bobby Swartz, EP.  Cited for control of dog – running at large.


Jasmin Yeamans, EP.  Cited for driving while suspended and speed violation, 39/25.

Clairine Hackett, GH.  Cited for illegal stopping, standing or parking.

Andrew Michael Davis, 35, EP.  Arrested for disorderly conduct.  Lodged JCJ.

James Michael Saragoza, 30, EP.  Arrested on no bail parole violations, ID theft and burglary.  Lodged JCJ.


Frankie Herrera, EP.  Cited for failure to install interlock device and speed violation, 38/25.

Trenton Sharp, WC.  Cited for speed violation, 40/25.

Robert Taymond Reagan, 29, Medford.  Arrested on Hwy 62 for DUII/alcohol, reckless driving, and attempt to elude.  Lodged JCJ.