Governor Brown visits EPHS

By Ralph McKechnie

Of the Independent

Governor Kate Brown toured the technology classes at Eagle Point High School last Tuesday, Questioning students what they feel will benefit them in later life.

The governor visited the robotics class and was shown what students are learning with 3D printers.  Students are building parts for robots from a variety of plastics, using a couple of different methods.  They use high-tech CAD drawing programs to make design parts for their projects.  The design is then fed into the 3D printers and parts are formed from different materials.

3D printers use either a top down or a bottom-up method of forming certain materials into real world parts for their projects.  The technology has advanced so much that many of those parts require little finishing to become an integral part of robots, for instance.

Students also use a laser engraving machine to print designs on such things as welding jackets, plaques and other materials.  Students showed me a beautifully designed leather welding jacket with the Eagle and a beautiful script of Eagle Point High School.

Other projects include such designs copied from objects, such as a frog students proudly displayed.

Continuing along on the tour, the governor visited the shop where skills USA projects are completed and also the greenhouse where a class was learning to propagate one of the many flowers that will be sold in the Mother’s Day plant sale next month.

The tour concluded with the governor asking several questions of the students.  She wanted to know if the skills students were learning would figure into helping with a career path in the future.  Students seemed to be very much interested in what they were learning and were very helpful when asked questions.

The governor seemed well impressed with the progress students were making with the new equipment and offered encouraging words to students to graduate and make use of their education.