“lack of Filters” as you have stated here, and elsewhere, is an absolute lie and an irresponsible attempt to feed inaccurate information to the parents of the district that are a lot smarter and better equipped to raise their children than you, technology, or the school district.  I know for a fact that D9 uses one of the best filters on the market, Lightspeed with the most up-to-date software version (Longhorn).  It is a fundamental difference between what YOU believe is right or wrong for kids to see versus what many, many very intelligent teachers, principals, parents and other responsible individuals believe should NOT be censored.  Good grief, you want access to Sports Illustrated stricken from iPads.  This i just one example of how extreme your vision is for our students and is censorship at its’ worst.  Your moral compass leads our students down a dark path void of any real-world life experiences by not allowing them to use the internet to explore, think, read, write and become a positive contributing person that did not grow up in a cave.  Stop being a puppet on the end of that small groups strings and join the real world and help educate all kids how to safely navigate the entire world, not just the internet.  You have much more to offer.

The foregoing is a Facebook message from David Whitehead, head of technology for District 9 to now School Board member, Emily McIntire. At best, the foregoing is irresponsible and immature, and at the worst, it is a gross and inexcusable error in conduct.  If this person worked for me this morning, he would not this afternoon.