Oregon Democrats Push Tax Hikes On Businesses AGAIN


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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“Lobbyist-In-Chief” Kate Brown and Oregon Democrats Push Tax Hikes On Businesses


Wilsonville, OR – To address the so-called $1.4 billion budget shortfall caused by their own

disastrous, out-of-control spending policies, weakened Governor Kate Brown and her Democrat

allies are pushing a new plan that would raise taxes on Oregon businesses…again.

The proposal mirrors Measure 97, the tax increase voters decisively rejected just last fall. Largely

absent so far as a leader in Salem, Brown is now pulling out all the stops to get her unpopular

plan passed through the legislature. The Statesman Journal reports that Brown “appears to have

been lobbyist-in-chief on the tax proposal” and that “she’s met with nearly every legislator and

with most of the freshmen twice.”

This weekend, the Bend Bulletin published a scathing editorial of the Democrat plan, calling it a

“bad deal all around,” that would negatively impact Oregon businesses:

“The Oregon Legislature has a problem and little time left to deal with it. It must close a 2017-18

budget gap of $1.4 billion by July 10. House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, and Sen. Mark Hass,

D-Beaverton, unveiled their plan Tuesday to close that gap by raising taxes on business in Oregon.

It’s little more than a mishmash of 2010’s Measure 67 and last year’s Measure 97, and it’s a bad

deal all around.

The proposal: For the next two years, businesses would see their income tax rates rise by about

1.6 percent, a la Measure 67. Then, in 2019, the corporate income tax would disappear, to be

replaced by a gross receipts tax — that’s a sales tax applied to goods and services whether or not

a business is making money.

It’s plans like these that have businesses across Oregon in a dither.

Consider the onion growers in Malheur County. The winter’s harsh weather hit them particularly

hard, collapsing buildings and delaying planting by weeks. Add to that a minimum wage that’s

$2.75 per hour higher than it is across the border in Idaho, and a more cumbersome set of rules

and regulations that must be followed here, and it’s no wonder that at least two major onion

producers in the county are moving across the state line.”

“Oregon continues to fall further behind under Kate Brown and her Democrat allies’ leadership as

they continue to push tax hikes, even after the people of Oregon have overwhelmingly rejected

them,” noted Chair Currier. “It becomes clearer with each passing day that Oregon needs new

leadership that will unleash our state’s businesses to grow and create jobs instead of simply

trying to milk them for tax revenue as Kate Brown has repeatedly tried to do.”

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dedicated to promoting Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of

Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

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